Friday, March 21, 2014

Sight Word Game

I recently purchased a KiddoCube for sight word practice.  I made this free printable game to use with it.

I cut up the six sight words (there are three different sets in this printable), put them in the clear pockets, and then I show the words (directly from the pdf file)  on the Smart Board. Of course you could also write the words on a dry erase board for the students to see.  The students copy the words as many times as they wish to to fill in their own game boards.  Once everyone has filled up the fifteen blank spaces with sight words from the list, I start rolling the cube.  Students cross out one sight word each time it is rolled.  I like the fact that students practice both writing and reading the words.  I may try putting the sheets in write and wipe pockets to save paper.

I'd love to hear about any sight word games that are working in your classroom.


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