Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Time for the Gingerbread Exchange!

This year the Gingerbread Man Exchange will take place in a "pay it forward" style.  If you want your class to participate, please email the following information to me (by Friday, November 15th) at

School Name
School Street Address

i.e.  Cookie Cutter School
      Attn:  Miss Flour's Class
       123 Sweet St.
       Sugarville, FL 12345

Please use the above format so that I can just copy and paste directly to my list.

If you wish to have the mail sent to your home address, please add (home), so I will know that you didn't forget to write the school name.

Please send me one email per participating class. Please only use the above email address, so I can keep track of this year's participants.

If two classes from the same school wish to participate, each teacher should send me a separate email.  If you have two classes (T-Th and MWF), and want each to participate separately, please send me two separate emails and differentiate the addresses in some way (so the mail will go to the right class).  This makes it much easier for me to keep an accurate count of addresses and email addresses.  Also, if you want to mail 24 gingerbread men and receive 24 gingerbread men, you can email me as if you have two classes.  Send two separate emails and add "part 1" and "part 2" to your address.  Ex:

First email:  Cookie Cutter School
                 Attn:  Miss Flour's Class  (Part 1)
                 123 Sweet St.
                 Sugarville, FL 12345

Second email:   Cookie Cutter School
                      Attn:  Miss Flour's Class  (Part 2)
                     123 Sweet St.
                     Sugarville, FL 12345

This will allow me to put you two places on the list, so you're not sending a gingerbread man to yourself and/or getting two from the same classes.

I will make one giant list of all the classes that wish to participate.  I will spread the addresses geographically around the list as much as possible.  Please understand that I usually get a large number of participants from Texas, Florida, etc. so you will probably be receiving more gingerbread mail from those states.  I don't want to turn anyone down just because I have a large response from a given state.

I will email the list to everyone on Monday, November 18th.  Please send one paper gingerbread man to the twelve classes that follow yours on the list.  Your class will in turn receive paper gingerbread men from the twelve classes the appeared above you on the list.  There is no set size for the gingerbread men.  I find that the ones that are attached to a card with the letter inside are easier to keep track of.

Your students may decorate the gingerbread men with markers, crayon, lace, ribbon, stickers, etc.  PLEASE NO FOOD OR CANDY.  You may add a photo of your class if you wish.  The kids love to see other classes!  Please include a brief letter with some interesting facts about your school, class, state, why you decorated it the way you did, etc.

All the gingerbread men should be mailed out by Wednesday, December 4, 2013. This should allow enough time for all the gingerbread men to arrive before Christmas breaks begin.

This exchange is intended for Preschool, Pre-K, Bridge, and Kindergarten classes.  Homeschoolers are welcome as long as they have students in this age group.

Again, the last day to sign up is Friday, November 15th.

I don't have a class myself this year since I recently moved cities. I would LOVE it if you share some photos of the gingerbread with me via email!



Monday, October 7, 2013

Gingerbread Exchange

I have had a few emails asking whether I will be organizing a Gingerbread Man Exchange again this year.
The answer is "yes."  It will be in the form of a "pay it forward" exchange like I did with the Valentine exchange last year.  That means I will put everyone on one giant list.  Your class will send a paper gingerbread man to the twelve classes that fall below you on the list.  Your class will receive from the twelve names above you on the list.  This worked very smoothly last February.  I will try to spread the various states evenly around on the list.

Sign up will begin on November 1, 2013.  I will create a special gmail address for you to use at that time.
The Exchange will start right after the Thanksgiving break.  Full details will be included on Nov. 1 as well.