Friday, October 31, 2014

2014 Gingerbread Exchange

The annual Pre-K/Kindergarten Gingerbread Man Exchange is back by popular demand.

Veronica sent me this photo of her map from last year.  I love it!

I am pretty swamped with kindergarten and other projects at the moment, so I have come up with a more self-serve style of swap this year.  If you want to participate, you can go to either of two Sign-up Genius links.  You will add your mailing address to a list and mail ONE paper gingerbread man to each class on your list by December 3rd, 2014.  You should receive one gingerbread man back from each of the other classes on your list.

Please, please, please....
look at the other addresses on the list you are signing up on.  If your state already appears more than once, please go down to another list.  Most participants want to send and receive gingerbread men from classes all over the country. (Likewise, if there are two classes from your school participating, please sign up on different lists.)

When mailing your paper gingerbread men, please keep these things in mind:

Please do not include any candy or food items.  The gingerbread men can be decorated with ribbon, lace, stickers, paint, markers, etc.
Please include a short note telling a little about your class, school, or hometown.
The kids love to see a picture of your class if you are able to include one.
Please be sure to mail your gingerbread men by December 3rd.  Last year we had lots of weather delays.  I am hoping this earlier deadline will ensure that all the gingerbread men arrive before Christmas holidays begin.

Here's the link if you want to mail 12 Gingerbread men:

Here's the link if you want to mail 20 Gingerbread men:

If you realize that you want to change the list you are signed up on, you can add and/or delete yourself. You can also fix errors in your address, etc.
Please do not make any more changes after Nov. 30th, since people will be addressing envelopes by then.

If you have a question that hasn't been covered here, please email me at Again, I am really hoping that this will kind of take care of itself this year :).

I would love to post pictures of your bulletin boards if you email them to me.

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