Meet the Teacher

After teaching Pre-K for six years, I find myself in a new city and a new grade.  I started teaching kindergarten in January 2014. I feel very blessed to work with this wonderful age group.  I am looking forward to setting up my classroom before the first day of school this fall and being with my students for a full school year of growth.
I hold a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Houston Baptist University.  I have a few zillion great children's books in my ever growing collection.  I am a huge Dr. Jean fan. 

I shared snapshots my Pre-K classroom on  I no longer update that site, but leave it up so people can visit the pumpkin growing project when they find it on Pinterest...

I switched to blogging at shortly before the big move.  Now I am calling it GrowinginPreK and K, but the web address is the same. 

My husband and I have raised three great kids. 
In my free time I love walking Dexter,our crazy fox terrier; bargain hunting; and finding inspiration for home and classroom via Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by and I would love to hear from you.



  1. Very very cool! Thanks for sharing

  2. Are you doing the gingerbread exchange this year? My students love this activity.

  3. Yes, I was wondering about the gingerbread exchange as well. Are you still doing that activity this year? My students love it too!