Friday, February 21, 2014

Whole, Half, and Quarter in Kindergarten

This is a little booklet I had my students make this week.  We are working on equal/unequal parts, whole, halves, and quarters.  I did something similar years ago when the curriculum called for "fair shares."  In that case the wording was "One kid can eat a whole cookie., Two kids can share a cookie..."  with the appropriate number of faces drawn in.  In either case, the kids love adding "chocolate chips" to manila di-cut circles.

I drew lines in pencil for the cookie on the last page to make cutting easier.  This page could also say "4 fourths."

These are two free printables that I made to give my students more practice in coloring a half or a fourth of a shape.  Click on the images to print them.

Of course we also read Give Me Half!

This led to a discussion of how greedy the kids in the book were....

And the pizza restaurant is set up in dramatic play.  I use a set like this one

with pizza pans from the dollar store.  It gives the kids some hands-on experience with fractions.  (We don't actually play the game with the pieces.)

I'd love to hear how you teach these concepts.


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