Thursday, August 28, 2014

Classroom Tour

I intended to post photos of my classroom last week, but life got in the way...

Now my daughter is settled in college,
Back to School night has come and gone,
and I finally have a chance to catch up!
I wish I had taken photos before school started when everything was "just so," but here's how it really looks after nine days of school....  Note:  there will be no photos of my desk :)

I am very happy with my new student book boxes (on the top of the library shelf).  I got the idea from PreKPages.  They were plastic ice containers (about two dollars a piece) at Walmart. The clipchart is from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten.

The photo doesn't really show my interlocking foam squares from Five Below:

They do tend to "scoot around" on the carpet during center time, but I am still happy with them.  Today a student had a nosebleed and I was able to quickly remove the individual square for cleaning.  

I borrowed the book cover banner idea from KinderCraze.  

I recovered my two crates and added two more.  Lowe's cuts the lumber to size for free with purchase of the lumber. They serve as student seats for the guided reading table and puppet storage.

The upper cubbies are too high for the kids to use, so I put these cloth drawers from Target in them.  I use them to store all the school supplies. (The number posters are from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten.)

I LOVE the new tables in my room.  I splurged on the chair pockets from Really Good Stuff.  The kids keep their consumable reading texts and math notebooks in them.  They have two pencils and a pink eraser in the green zipper bag (which is attached with Velcro). There is also a slot for student name plates.  We also have table caddies that match the colors around the tables (for crayons, glue, scissors, etc.).

Here's my alphabet banner upclose again.  It makes me happy.

This is our prayer table.  The Jesus Loves You bulletin board is left over from last year.  Each child cut out a heart and wrote his/her name on it.  The laminated tissue paper cross is my example of the ones we made last Easter.  


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Classroom 2014-15

All my classroom "Pinning" is starting to become a reality....

I made this alphabet banner by cutting card stock into triangles with a paper cutter, gluing on letters, and then laminating.  I used a two hole punch before stringing the pendants.  These pictures don't really show how much this banner cheered up my plain windows.

I used the 4 inch Sorbet Letters

 Amazon Affiliate Link

And these are the numbers that I cut out by tracing around an old set of numbers...Literally "Old School," but kind of fun to create.

Stay tuned for a complete tour of my classroom next week.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Back to School Sale at TPT and My New Portfolio

120 × 125

I am participating in the Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers today and tomorrow.  Be sure to stop by my shop for 20 percent off of everything during these two days!

I have just added a new file of Portfolio printables and it is included in the two day sale!  Click on any of the pictures to take you to my shop.
There are covers for Pre-K, preschool, and kindergarten.  The pages cover handprints, self-portraits, family pictures, letter recognition, sight words, and more!  Just print the pages you wish to use.
I like to use bingo daubers with these pages.  You could also have students color the circles of the letters they know.
 Most of the pages have both color and black and white versions, you can choose which to use depending on your ink and printing situation.

There are lists for Pre-primer and Primer sight words.

You can choose to do pages once or several different times during the year to track progress. I like to place the pages in a binder, so I can also add other student treasures.

I love to read your comments.