Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dollar Store Finds

It's been a while since I have treasure hunted at the Dollar Tree.  A few days ago, I stopped by for some dice, but came home with a lot more....

These two counting posters ($1 for the pair) match my classroom perfectly!  The kids and I both love the Count by 2's one.  It gives such a good visual to go along with this skill.  The count to 100 poster can also be used as a game.  I plan to use it this way during our 100th day of school activities.  (Sorry about the  shine, but I had laminated these before I got around to taking pictures...)
I do still have a traditional 100 chart poster for counting left to right and counting by tens, but the new one adds some variety.

I also picked up these two puzzles.

This game offers directions for two players and fun exposure to color words.

And for frosting on the cake...
Foam sight word dice (a little bigger than a one inch cube) and a two minute timer. I will be making some center games for these this week :).

There are just a few days left to sign up for the  Valentine Exchange!



  1. I love our local Dollar Tree. They have some great finds, too!

    Miss Tina's PreK

  2. These are great finds! Love the Dollar stores!

  3. Looks like awesome stuff! If you ever need more activity ideas/preschool advice check out the Star-Brite Learning Program's blog! :)

  4. Those look like so much fun! I love the things you can find at the Dollar Tree. Some of the best materials you can get from such a great price.

  5. This is really wonderful stuff!! The best part is it’s quite inexpensive. My sister teaches at the Phoenix pre-k and she loves buying such educative stuff for her students. I’ll tell her about your article!