Friday, September 19, 2014

Literacy Stations - Beginning of the Year

Here's a peek at some of the literacy stations we have been doing during the first weeks of kindergarten:

I purchased these foam alphabet puzzles at the Dollar Tree.  I already had the box from a Lakeshore activity.  The kids take turns reaching in and pulling out a letter.  If they need it for their puzzle frame, they keep it.  If they already have that letter, they return it to the box and the next player chooses.

I love these Color the Letter Pages from Teaching Special Thinkers.  They are part of the letter A set which is free to download.  I also purchased the letter G set because they are great practice for recognizing the different versions of "g" and "a."  I save paper by using dry erase pockets and washable dry erase markers.  I put a capital and lowercase page in each pocket since both layers are clear.

I laminated these Play doh mats using my Scotch Thermal Laminator.  I put the capital letter on one side and the lowercase letter on the other side.  They are available from Miss Kindergarten's TPT shop.  I actually purchased mine as part of a fundraiser called Raise the Parr K-1 ELA Bundle.

My kids love these Alphabet Activities: How to Draw by Pam Hyer.  There are two pages per sheet, so they are economical to print.

These Rhyme puzzles were 4.99 recently at TJMaxx and give the kids a fun and easy way to work on rhyming words.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great activities for the kiddos. I always like to see the kids enjoy learning when I sub!

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