Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dollar Deals

I love scouting for dollar deals over the summer break!  Look what I found at Dollar Tree this week:

Shapes & Color Bingo
Even if you have something similar in your classroom, this affordable 
game could go in a take home literacy bag.

Tactile Letters
 (The paper is lighter weight than you would find at a teacher supply store, but still quite a find for a buck!) 

 Paper clock with moving hour and minute hands.
This could be used on a calendar wall.  I have also seen classrooms on Pinterest where the times for lunch, recess, and dismissal where displayed on the wall with similar clocks.

Monster Time card matching game.
The clocks reflect hours, half hours, and quarter hours.
This game is labeled for first and second grade, but I know kindergartners who could play it.

Happy Shopping,

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