Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Addition and Subtraction on a Number Line

While picking up a few items at CVS the other day, I saw these funny little rabbits....
If you show a teacher a package of rabbits with big feet...
She'll probably think of a way to use them in her classroom....

Wouldn't they be perfect for the kids to hop back and forth on a number line when we are working on addition and subtraction?!

The result is now available at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop:

The printable includes a "Hopper" to make with a binder clip (if you don't have these funny plastic rabbits).

There are two types of number lines to print for your students.  One is a traditional number line.  The other has squares to make it a little easier to count "hops."

There are also large word problem cards to read to your students:

And loads of worksheets for practice:

Click  HERE to see it at my Teachers Pay Teachers Shop.

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